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Hello dear friends!

I apologize for the inactivity on my photography blog for almost a year. Graduating college and becoming a 4th grade teacher has taken claim of most of my time. All recent work of Joshua 24.15 Photography can be found on our facebook page. Please check out all the new wedding, family, senior, and engagement photos on facebook. They’re amazing! You won’t regret checking it out! Grab some coffee and look around for a while, there are so many incredible people who I have had the honor of photographing this past year! Thank you for your understanding! I hope & pray maybe next summer I can get a website up and running and be much more updated among all aspects of social media. I’m thankful for each & every one of you! Thank you!

All His grace,

Abigail Young

The Proposal | Jacob & Liz


Jacob and Liz got engaged on May 26th. I have known Jake since my sophomore year in college. Jacob and I were both in the same education class and worked on a group project together. We got to know each other more over the summer when we took another class together. When we would write our papers together in the library, we would talk non-stop about our significant others. Jake would talk so wonderfully about Liz and I just loved hearing about their growing relationship. Jake actually told me in August 2012 that he would be proposing to Liz the next summer. I kept telling him that it wasn’t as far away as it felt and it would be here before he knew it, and HERE we are. They have been engaged for two months and I am still just as joyful and excited for these two amazing friends as I was that day in August when I was holding in my squeals and laughter in the library when Liz was only a few rows of books away when Jake shared that with me. I finally met Liz earlier in year when I literally ran into her in the library. Liz works in the school library so I would see her often but never introduced myself even though I already felt like we were friends. We have shared in many wonderful conversations since and I have loved getting to know this sweet girl. Jake is blessed to have her.🙂 I was incredibly honored when Jake asked me to help him in his plans to propose to Liz. He made a precious video of close family and friends talking to Liz about what they loved about Liz and her relationship with Jacob. It was the sweetest thing ever! There are also some “couple” photos I took of this beautiful pair of people last fall. I can finally post them now that they are engaged!
DSC_2357L DSC_2360LDSC_2369L DSC_2370L DSC_2374LDSC_2392LDSC_2397L

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Karly | Senior


Karly graduated this past June. It was awesome taking pictures of her girl. Her outfits were darling and her heart for our Lord is so beautiful! The fall season was perfect for her style. I was also honored to take pictures of her in the spring. The pictures taken in the spring were for her receiving an award for her art work in NEW YORK CITY. She is an incredible artist. I love her work. She is an amazing girl and I’m excited to see what God has in store for her! Here are some of her senior pictures.

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DSC_1821 copyL DSC_1913 copya DSC_1926 copyL DSC_1933 copyB DSC_1948 copyb DSC_1952 copya DSC_1967 copya DSC_1989 copya DSC_2008 copyk copy DSC_2011 copyb DSC_2320 copyL DSC_2329 copyL DSC_2338 copyL DSC_2353 copyL DSC_2389 copyLKarly’s New York pictures are below.
DSC_0106 copy DSC_0147 copya copy DSC_0154 copy

Jessica & Taylor | Engaged


Jessica and Taylor are getting married THIS coming Saturday. I cannot wait for their beautiful city wedding. Their engagement pictures were the first pictures I have taken out in the snow. God blessed us with the absolutely most perfect winter day ever. It was slightly snowing during the entire session and Jessica and Taylor’s gorgeous blue eyes made it impossible to take a bad picture. I love the way Taylor looks at Jessica and Jessica is such a natural beauty. It was effortless to take their pictures because they were so fun and joyful. Here are some of their engagement pictures.

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The Delange’s | Married


Jocelyn and Todd got married April 13, 2013. Their wedding was beautiful and I was honored to be the second photographer of their wedding. They are an absolutely adorable couple and their love for one another and the Lord is an amazing thing to see. Jocelyn was the most beautiful bride. Here are some pictures of their first day of the rest of forever together.

DSC_1801 copyLDSC_1815LDSC_1823LDSC_1837 copyL DSC_1852LDSC_1933L DSC_1939 copyL DSC_1960L DSC_1974L DSC_1978L DSC_2045_edited-1 DSC_2067L DSC_2104L DSC_2131a copyL DSC_2139aa copyL DSC_2167a copyL DSC_2227L DSC_2232L DSC_1767a copyDSC_2273L DSC_2290L DSC_0164L DSC_0176L DSC_0187L DSC_0189L DSC_0206L PicMonkey CollageShare some love and leave a comment and let us know which ones are your favorite! Now booking 2014 weddings!